Industry Day & AGM

Industry Day 2019 – Something ‘OLDS’ – Something NEW, A fresh perspective of old ideas and new and emerging markets/opportunities – was another great success.

Brad McLeod of Olds College spoke on regulations, training and innovation in the meat industry. He spoke about how meat science has changed the way we do things and covered topics including new ways to process, cook, and age meat and how to incorporate into curriculum development.

Danielle Olsen and Mike Hewitt spoke on Workforce Development: Thinking Outside the Box – Strategies to Attract and Retain Talent and Bruce Kelly, Farm and Food Care, on Animal Welfare: Old Challenges – New Approaches.
The lively panel discussions were on research in the Meat Sector and Cannabis Infused Meats: What Does It Mean For Our Future?

If you’re interested in coming to Industry Day 2020 be sure to check back here early next year. We hope to see you there!