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As a single and unified voice for meat and poultry processors since 1980, the OIMP provides industry leadership on matters that directly affect our members. Our objective is to protect, grow, and strengthen our industry to the benefit of all members and best serve Ontario consumers.

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OIMP is committed to strengthening Ontario’s meat and poultry industry by providing training, education and assistance with regulatory compliance embracing a robust food safety culture.

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Looking for a supplier, contact information, industry reports or the latest on industry issues? Visit our resource section for directories, info sheets and useful links.

Whether you are a worker or supervisor working in a meat processing facility or any other food processing establishment, this training program will meet your food safety education needs.

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Search OIMP Associate members that support the industry with the latest innovations, newest technologies, and equipment and service solutions.

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Advertise or search items for sale, equipment needed, or help wanted here.

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OIMP is happy to announce the return of the annual Supporter Program allowing us to acknowledge the generosity of industry year-round.

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Browse though the award recipients of Proud Member, OIMP Lifetime Member, Meat Industry Achievement  and Associate Member Recognition.

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Competitors begin by showcasing their technical knowledge and knife skills during the elimination round in September.

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Over 80 exhibitors will be on hand showcasing the latest and greatest innovations, technologies, equipment and service solutions for your meat processing, wholesale and retail operations.

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Visit our consumer website for great recipes, latest promotions, and to Find a Butcher near you.

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  • Membership with the OIMP is important because it’s great support for our business. If we have a question, we can get an answer right away, and not waste our time searching online or calling 1-800 numbers. Plus they give us a voice to affect positive change.

    Shannon D. Finest Sausage & Meat
  • Supporting OIMP is important because they are a phenomenal resource, giving members exposure, and connecting a network of peers in a sometimes challenging market.

    Gary T. Reiser
  • By combining funds, resources, and manpower in this logical partnership with OIMP, we have extended our effort and reach in the areas of consumer awareness, retail engagement, and foodservice opportunities in the further promotion on Ontario Beef.

    Beef Farmers of Ontario
  • Being a member of the OIMP, you can meet people in the industry that have the same issues as you. Like-minded people, individuals you can bounce ideas off. I don’t think there’s anyone that wouldn’t give you a straight answer, that wouldn’t help you.

    Peter B.J & G Quality Meats
  • Membership with OIMP is important because if I have a problem or a question I can make one phone call to one person that can provide up-to-date and accurate information.

    Michael M.Seed To Sausage
  • Supporting OIMP is important because they are an organization supporting the meat industry; one of our key target markets. As a family business, the people we meet within the OIMP do business the same way we do and share our values. We appreciate that.

    Judith K. Minotaur Software
  • Membership with the OIMP is important because it’s nice to have support from the industry itself. Someone to ask about issues, training, and food safety. A great resources.

    Peter S.Sikorski Sausages