Ontario’s Finest Butcher

Competitors begin by showcasing their technical knowledge and knife skills during the elimination round in September. The top three then proceed to the finals, this year, at the Meat Industry Expo. Here’s where they show-off their charming and creative selves, thinking quick on their feet, and adding value to an undisclosed protein.

A combined score of judges and conference delegates will determine Ontario’s Finest Butcher, with the prominent award being presented at the gala.

Why enter? Here’s your chance to shine! Aside from the excellent bragging rights that come with the title, both the winner and the winning member company will receive a plaque commemorating this impressive accomplishment for all to see. You will also be recognized as Ontario’s Finest Butcher in all press releases, social media, BLOCKtalk, and online.

Ontario’s Finest Butcher 2017 is…

Damian Goriup, Florence Meats, Oakville

Facing off in the final round on the trade show floor against Brent Herrington from Herrington’s Quality Butchers, and Nicholas Matusiak from Halenda’s, all finalists received two Cornish hens, leg of lamb, and a beef top sirloin butt, to prepare several incredible-looking display ready items in the short half hour they were given. Both the judge’s score and the attendee’s votes determined it was Damian that would carry the honour.

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Past Winners

Ontario’s Finest Butcher 2016
Peter Baarda, J & G Quality Meats, Burlington

Ontario’s Finest Butcher 2015
Peter Baarda, Lococo’s, Stoney Creek

Ontario’s Finest Butcher 2014
Peter Baarda, Lococo’s Stoney Creek

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